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 Online Score Submission for Teachers!

Students can submit scores directly to their teachers online!  Great for assessment!

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How to use Online Scores:

Step 1: Register!

It's free and easy!   All you need is an e-mail address, a password (of your choosing), and your name (if you want)!

Hints:  1) Students MUST KNOW the e-mail address you register with because they will be submitting scores to you, using this address as an identifier (so use your school e-mail address).  2.  Students must NOT KNOW your password!

Step 2: Confirm Registration

You will receive an e-mail after registering that confirms that you are registered.  If you received the email, you are registered and can log in. 

Step 3: Assign a Game or Quiz to Your Students!

Once students submit the assignment, you will be able to see their scores online!  Note: You will not see any data until students have submitted a score to you. By the way, students will not be able to submit a score unless they type in your e-mail address correctly!   If they make a mistake the score system will alert them and they can fix their error.  It's foolproof and your score submissions won't get lost!

Step 4: Login and Check it Out!

Login using your e-mail and password!  You can then see all of the scores for all of the games, quizzes, or virtual labs students have submitted to you!   Also, you can easily view and sort scores by subject, game or quiz name, and period so it is easy to enter grades.   Exporting to Excel and printing grades is also a breeze!

Teachers: Why use BioMan Biology?

Reason #1: Standards-based

BioMan Biology is a standards-based site for learning biology content. As a biology teacher, I know the importance of covering state and national content standards, while engaging students in meaningful learning.  This site allows students to have fun while learning through interactive games and activities.

Reason #2: Students love computer games!

Have you ever noticed that students are more interested in playing with their phones than engaging in the amazing lesson you have planned?  I know I have!  One of the main goals of this site is to help students to learn in a way that they truly enjoy, and make biology more fun.

Reason #3: Feedback

Providing feedback to students is critical to their learning, but giving feedback on work can sometimes be very time consuming and sometimes not very productive (students don't always read the feedback comments we write, in my experience)  The great thing about the games and quizzes on this site is that immediate feedback is given, so students know right away whether they have learned the material correctly!

Reason #4: Designed by an experienced teacher

I am a teacher myself and have taught a wide variety of courses, including AP Biology, Biology, Marine Biology, General Science and IB Biology.  I have also worked with various student populations, having taught a spectrum of students ranging from at-risk to college level.  I created this site for my own students to engage them in interactive fun learning experiences that really help them to learn!

Reason #5: It's Free and it's Fun!

You don't have to pay to use the site!  It is completely free and there are no subscriptions, sign-ups, or complicated set-ups!  In setting up the site, I wanted anyone to be able to use it to learn and review biology content in a fun, interactive way.  I hope you enjoy the site and tell your friends and colleagues!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!  I appreciate your feedback and want to continue to make this site increasingly more awesome!  Thanks!