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BioAgent vs. Green Zombie Toxin (Genetic Engineering 101)

There are two great versions of this game, a longer version with some secret agent game play (where you infiltrate an enemy facility and cure affected "zombies" using darts) that is better for desktops, and a shorter version that doesn't have the secret agent game play.  They both have the same content and send online scores to the same place.

Which Version Do You want to Play?

Shorter Version

bioagaent thumbNO darts, better for mobile devices and students who don't want to play the game elements!

Longer Version

bioagaent thumbMore fun (especially on Desktop or Laptop Computers)!  Includes game play where you infiltrate Dr. Vial's lab using tranquilizer darts and cure Zombie toxin using darts that are filled with the protein antidote  to Green Zombie disease (that you make using genetic engineering).

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