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Bioman Biology

Biology Games & Virtual Labs!

Body Systems Physiology ButtonBody Systems (Physiology)

cell buttonCells

ecology buttonEcology

evolution and classification buttonEvolution &  Classification

genetics and meiosis buttonGenetics & Meiosis

DNA life chemistry buttonLife Chemistry (DNA, Proteins, etc,)

photosynthesis and respiration buttonRespiration & Photosynthesis

magnifying glassScientific Methods


bee buttonAll living things interact with other living things and with the world around them!  Ecology is the study of these interactions! 

Ecology Video Games, Virtual Labs & Activities

 Ecodetectives: The Peril River Problem

Ecodetectives: Peril River GameThe Peril River Watershed is in trouble!  Use your scientific reasoning and analytical skills to figure out who is damaging the river, and how to fix it!  Also, learn about eutrophication, biomagnification, dissolved oxygen, pH, and the effects of pesticides!  A fun virtual lab simulation that focuses on problem-solving, and data analysis skills, including graphing and interpretation of data!

Photosynthesis Respiration Game!

Photosynth respiration game thumbnailJump to collect oxygen and glucose to keep the man alive through respiration! Then collect carbon dioxide and water to help the tree do photosynthesis! Don’t fall off the screen and watch out for enemy hermit crabs and jumping fish! By the time your done, you’ll be an expert on the basics of photosynthesis and respiration!

Angry Aliens: Ecology

Angry Aliens: Ecology linkAngry aliens are invading earth! Shoot the invaders while teaching them a thing or two about ecology! Your knowledge and shooting skills just might save the world!  This review game allows you to have a blast while reviewing important ecology vocabulary!

Ecology Quizzes

quizzes buttonTest your knowledge of Ecology!  These quizzes can be submitted online to your registered teacher.   Please note:  A quiz will not end until you have successfully answered all questions.